Anchor-A-Project will allow faculty and staff district wide to dream outside the box and figure out what they would like to see at their individual schools. This program will allow NKEF to be the ship that sails these projects into the community so that donations can be made directly to them in hopes of anchoring them at each school, fully funded. Our goal is to promote 1 project per school with a max budget of $500.00 (with principal approval) for the upcoming 2021-22 school year and help make them happen.


The plan is to have the projects posted and available for donations by the middle of July.  We really believe that there is a need, especially during this time, to support our local school department.  The NKEF wants to be there supporting and appreciating the entire district every step of the way.

Please consider checking back to this page to see how you can help fund some very worthy projects in our district this school year!

We are all in this together – Let’s Be NK STRONG!!!

Apply for your Schools Project by September 10, 2021 .