Grant Applications should clearly describe the proposed project, with particular emphasis on: 

  • Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning
  • Clarity of goals and objectives along with alignment to district, school and curricular goals
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Size of the student population that will benefit from the project
  • Reasonable budget
  • Approval of School Administration


What types of projects are funded? 

  • Provide funding for projects that further students’ educational experiences that  complements the existing curricula and extra curricula activities
  • Invest in teaching and learning initiatives that go beyond the scope of those funded by the public schools of North Kingstown
  • Work with the larger community to have a direct and immediate impact on a target audience


Grants will NOT be given for the following purposes:

  • Expenses normally covered in the general operating budget of the school or reduction of budget shortfalls with the exception of field trip monies.
  • Capital improvements
  • Compensation (including honoraria or stipends) for employees of the North Kingstown School Department or substitute pay
  • Food and party supplies
  • Equipment purchases that are not part of a specific project or curriculum
  • Clubs and activities that are not extensions of existing curricular programs
  • Ongoing maintenance of existing programs
  • Professional development opportunities that are not tied to curriculum