We are asking you to join us on our mission to promote and enhance education in North Kingstown schools by way of a corporate donation. The funding will directly drive the future goals of this foundation, making possible educational grants across the district. Your donations are tax exempt gifts to eager students, teachers and staff that appreciate the importance and value of education.


Grant Applications should clearly describe the proposed project, with particular emphasis on: 

  • Innovative Approaches to Teaching and Learning 
  • Clarity of goals and objectives along with alignment to district, school and curricular goals
  • Detailed implementation plan
  • Size of the student population that will benefit from the project 
  • Reasonable budget
  • Approval of School Administration


What types of projects are funded? 

  • Provide funding for projects that further students’ educational experiences that  complements the existing curricula and extra curricula activities
  • Invest in teaching and learning initiatives that go beyond the scope of those funded by the public schools of North Kingstown
  • Work with the larger community to have a direct and immediate impact on a target audience

Grants will NOT be given for the following purposes:

  • Expenses normally covered in the general operating budget of the school or reduction of budget shortfalls with the exception of field trip monies.
  • Capital improvements
  • Compensation (including honoraria or stipends) for employees of the North Kingstown School Department or substitute pay
  • Food and party supplies
  • Equipment purchases that are not part of a specific project or curriculum
  • Clubs and activities that are not extensions of existing curricular programs
  • Ongoing maintenance of existing programs
  • Professional development opportunities that are not tied to curriculum


  1. Develop: Develop your proposal idea and determine if you are applying for a Wave Grant (request of $1000 or less) or a Tide Grant (over $1000). 
  2. Review: Review proposals with the administration to ensure that they are in line with the district’s goals and specific school objectives. Discuss proposals with colleagues and solicit their ideas and support for participating in the program. 
  3. Compose: Complete the appropriate grant application and have Principal/Building Administrator endorse the grant application. 
  4. Apply: Please submit application 
  5. Notification: All applicants will be notified of funding decisions in written form.


* If your grant application is approved and funded, please prepared and available to put together a presentation of YOUR GRANT IN ACTION for the Summer Kickoff Celebration event in June.

For questions or more information, please contact  info@nkefoundation.org

There are two types of grants that will be available to eager North Kingstown School Department faculty and staff.  

Under $1000.00 

Wave Grant applications are accepted on a rolling basis until funds are exhausted.  Grants awarded are intended to benefit students and spent within the current school year.


Principal’s Grant Approval Form

Over $1000.00 

Tide Grant Applications will have an application process and deadline.  These grants will be awarded at our Kickoff to Summer Celebration in June for the following school year. 

Available for the 2022-2023 School Year 

NKEF TIDE GRANT  2022-2023

Principal’s Grant Approval Form

Grant Recipient's