Sunday Donor Spotlight- The Farm Stand at Tockwotton Farm / The Madison Family

 Our vision is not possible without the generous support of donors, like yourself, who see the value of their investment. Thank you for supporting the foundation and education here in North Kingstown!

Father and Son Team – Bart and Matt Madison at their Farm Stand on 445 N Quidnessett Rd North Kingstown

The Farm Stand is a small family run business that has been in North Kingstown since the 1970s. We take pride in providing our community with fresh naturally grown produce. We are truly grateful for the support of our friends, family and neighbors through out the years. We wanted to be able give back to our community to show our appreciation. We chose to do so by donating to the North Kingstown Education Foundation. This amazing organization is doing so much for our town and our schools and we fully support their efforts. Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of ours so we were happy to participate in this years Spook out NK. This event  brought so much joy to our community all while raising funds for the foundation. Over the summer our younger children sold lemonade at the stand to collect donations for the NKEF. It was a great experience for them to contribute to an organization that will benefit them in so many ways.  Our family has been a part of the North Kingstown community for many years. We are proud to say that four generations have gone through the school system here in North Kingstown. We are extremely grateful that this organization was founded and we will be happy to continue to support it in the years to come.