WEEK 2 School Grant Winner

Congratulations to Hamilton Elementary School for being the top collecting school team in the NKEF Read-a-thon Week 2.  Principal, Kaitlin Lambert Donahue and Hamilton PTO were presented the $500 grant for supplemental literacy materials.  Hamilton raised $975.00 in one week to support the NKEF and their school.  Their hard work is very much appreciated.  Thanks for Catching the Reading Wave with the NKEF!  Donate today 

Week 3 is underway and the school teams are reading everyday and collecting more donations.  Weekly team standings will be posted on Friday to see where your team stands……  Don’t wait, track your minutes and share your profile page with family and friends!

Dawn Masterson, NKEF Vice President, Rachel Armentano, Co-Vice President and Katherine Francis, President of Hamilton Elementary PTO, Robyn Albuquerque NKEF President