NKEF Golf Ball Drop Preview

There is still time to purchase your NKEF Golf Balls at

Balls Sold for :

1 Ball – $5.00

3 Balls – $10.00

5 Balls – $20.00

“Tidal” Ball – $100.00

Watch it LIVE on Facebook, Sunday August 15, 2021 at 1:30pm.

Take a chance your golf ball hits the target and win a cash prize!

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NKEF Ball Drop

Help us reach our Goal this week, we are almost half way there.

Numbered golf balls will be dropped from the top of a 10ft platform over a target.  Take a chance and if your ball is one of the closest to and/or furthest away from the target, you win. Cash prizes will be determined by the number of balls sold ! 

Purchase your NKEF Golf Balls here

1 Ball – $5.00

3 Balls – $10.00

5 Balls – $20.00

“Tidal” Ball – $100.00 – ( Double your prize if your a winner)

Drop will take place on August 15th at 1:30 pm and will be available on Facebook Live for public viewing only!

Please like our FB page so you don’t miss the NKEF Golf Ball Drop

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It was a great weekend at the Festival, Thank You to all!

Thank you to Ainsley Daley and the Wickford Art Association for bringing the North Kingstown Educational Foundation on board to assist with this year’s 58th Wickford Art Festival. We had over 40 NKEF volunteers donate their time to park cars, sell water, pass out books and make Wave Art during the Festival at Wilson Park .  Our sincere thanks are given to each and every one of them.  Without their support we would not have been able to successfully park over 1,800 cars and sell over 1,500 bottles of water during the weekend festival. All proceeds will directly benefit NKEF and the WAA. 

We couldn’t have done it without you NKEF Volunteers! 

Thank you ! 

For more information about the NKEF and our upcoming events, please visit us at

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Catch the NKEF at Wickford Art Festival this weekend

Come check out the NKEF at the Wickford Art Festival this weekend!We are located at both Informational booth areas designated (I & R) on the map.2021 Wickford Art Festival Map

We will be selling bottled water ($2), giving out free books with our Library Box Projects and creating Wave Art (free of charge).  We are also managing the Wilson Park parking lot ($10 suggested donation) for both days.  All proceeds raised benefit both the NKEF and the Wickford Art Association Scholarship Fund.    
Come and enjoy a fun day at the Festival, a Wickford tradition that will be colorful and inspiring!!  We hope to see you there!!

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Congratulations to the families and students of the North Kingstown School district for completing this school year.  We know it wasn’t easy but you did it.    You should be so proud of yourself for your perseverance, strength, and your love of learning.  The year has definitely taught us many things but the most important thing is something that Christopher Robin said to Winnie the Pooh:   “You are BRAVER than you believe, STRONGER than you seem, and SMARTER than you think.” (A.A. Milne)  Never forget it!!!  Enjoy this well deserved summer break and don’t forget your sunscreen!!!  

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Calling ALL Volunteers!!

The North Kingstown Educational Foundation is going to be at the Wickford Art Festival!!!  ?

Saturday, July 10th : 9am-5pm at Wilson Park (new location)

Sunday, July 11th : 9am-4pm at Wilson Park (new location)
This is a fundraiser for the NKEF and we earn 50% of all sales ?Volunteers receive a Wickford Art Festival T-shirt 

1.  Water Bottle Sales ? We are selling bottled water at two different locations within the festival.  There will be a tent for shade.    We are in need of 2 people per tent per shift per day.  
2.  Wilson Park parking ? We are collecting a $10 donation for parking at the Wilson park entrance. We will also be managing the parking areas and general traffic control. We are in need of 6 people per shift per day.

3.  Kids Wave Art Table  We are hosting a tented table next to one of the Water tents where children can come and create their own wave art.  This is a no cost activity.  We will be taking pictures of these creations so we can use them for our Wave mosaic project.  No paint.  This is a create and carry project.  We are in need of 2 people per shift per day.

?This is a great way for you to support the NKEF with a small commitment of just 2 hours or more.  It is also a great opportunity for some in-person service hours for anyone who might need them.  Get ahead of your upcoming service hour requirements for school or church.  We would be happy to sign a form or two for you.

As you can see – we are in need of many, many volunteers to make this a success…… Please click on the station you would like to volunteer for and it will direct you straight to the signup genius.

If you ever considered helping out this would be the time to say YES to the moment!  Make it a family affair or recruit a friend and join us for some SUMMERTIME FUN supporting the Wickford Art Association and the NKEF! We appreciate your time and support!

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at [email protected]

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Congratulations to our newest Starfish Honor Recipients

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 Starfish Honor Recipients

Leah McGlynn (3) – Fishing Cove Elementary

Chris Maybach – Stony Lane Elementary

Stephen Skaggs – Stony Lane Elementary

Phil Auger, NKSD Superintendent

Susan Eriksen – North Kingstown High School

Judd Silvia, Wickford Middle School

Thank you to all the families who purchased Starfish Honors in recognition of the amazing NKSD faculty and staff .

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“The influence of a good teacher, can never be erased”

The North Kingstown Educational Foundation would like to wish all the faculty and staff of the NK School district a Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and say thank you for making this year just “WRITE”.

We made a special delivery of flowers and NKEF pens to each of the schools and the administration building yesterday to recognize everyone for their hard work and dedication to excellent teaching and learning.
We believe that each and everyone of you are ‘INK’credible and indis’PEN’sable. Thank you!!!

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Check it Out…. NKEF Hammer & Stain Workshop

Check out this FUN opportunity for an in-person event at HAMMER & STAIN benefiting the North Kingstown Educational Foundation!!
This Friday night is for Adults only and Saturday’s workshop is all for the kids. Get your Creative juices flowing and Catch the Creative wave with the NKEF!!
DEADLINE FOR THIS WEEKEND’S EVENTS is TUESDAY!!!Registration is limited for distance guidelines

5/7/21 @ 6-9pm Hammer & Stain ADULT Workshop **** Ask a friend, pick a project & register. This event is a bring your own food & beverages.
5/8/21 KIDS Hammer & Stain Workshop @ 10am-1pmKIDS Hammer & Stain Workshop @ 3-6pm

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Congratulation Davisville Academy

Congratulations to Davisville Academy for being awarded a $450 grant for supportive literacy materials and tools for grades K-5. Reading is so important and we are excited to support the teaching and learning at Davisville Academy. 

Picture includes: Savannah Soares, DA Special Educator ,Breann Stewart, DA Special Educator, Janet Griffith, NKEF Grant Committee, Kristine Bell, NKEF Grant Committee

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